Adam Shaolin

Born in Long Beach as a son of an immigrant, Adam Shaolin found his footing in the world through creative avenues online. Starting off from editing videos for local artists, such as HeyDeon, Adam Shaolin dived deeper into the music scene by producing and writing music of his own. Releasing his first solo project "Rager" (2018) when he was a teenager, that includes singles such as "Rocketbike" and "Outta State...", Adam has gone on to produce Dream Shaolin's label project "Summer In Shaolin" (2022) and Jonny Miyagi's project "Black Samurai" (2018). His music can be described as a mix of alternative LA with the sounds of Shaolin. Adam has also appeared in Goldby7 & HeyDeon's directed music video "Nothing 2 Prove"!